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Can you help us with gathering training samples for our amazing dogs? 

Are you based in the Cheshire, Manchester, West Yorkshire area, have a GCP qualification and experience of working with informed consent in a compassionate manner?  If you have a few hours of an evening and weekend, your own transport, and can help us collect samples approximately a couple of times a month from around the Cheshire/Stockport areas for training purposes for our dogs please contact dawn.taylor@medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk.

The cancer detection research that Medical Detection Dogs now conducts is attracting attention from respected clinicians, healthcare professionals, scientists and politicians from around the world.

The aims of our research are two-fold:

To help scientists in the development of ‘electronic nose’ devices that will assist in the accurate detection of early cancer.

To use our cancer detection dogs to provide second line screening for cancers that are currently difficult to diagnose reliably.

Medical Detection Dogs could not exist without support from our valued volunteers. As a rapidly expanding charity we need help in all areas including: